We are always open to new approaches. Therefore, we deal with the latest technologies and their intuitive application for your next project. In parallel, we also develop and realize our own ideas to constantly improve the current state of the art.

This means that Schmidberger provides you with mature technologies and exciting innovations in equal measure.

schmidberger innovations power storage battery heartbeat

Give old car batteries a new life

Group 3

We have developed a method of using used car batteries as efficient electricity storage for our photovoltaic systems. This allows us to reliably store the energy generated by the sun.

schmidberger innovations power storage battery 3 fold

Smart storage in three phases

Group 3

Through the development of our battery upcycling, the batteries are charged in three phases. In the first, the main charging phase, the largest part of the battery is supplied with energy as quickly as possible.

This is followed by a recharging phase. In this section, the remaining storage capacities are completely filled up while the battery voltage remains constant.

The third phase occurs as soon as the battery is fully charged. From this point on, connected devices are supplied with energy. At the same time, the energy supply is replenished in the battery as needed.

schmidberger innovations power storage battery remote

Long-life battery storage

Group 3

3-D assembly drawings provide you with a complete overview of your future distribution boxes. Detailed planning on the computer clearly minimizes safety risks and transparently presents costs in advance.

schmidberger innovations power storage battery connection

Clearly display distribution solutions

Group 3

Your individual requirements for manifolds are immediately visible through the 3-D assembly drawings. In addition, we can continuously optimize processes with your inputs. This gives you results that can be implemented quickly and are optimally adapted to your ideas.

schmidberger innovations power storage battery smartglass

Repairs and maintenance via SmartGlass

Group 3

"Remote Support" ensures that the cost of work on your existing electrical systems, distribution boards and photovoltaic systems is drastically reduced.

Thanks to SmartGlass, our specialists don't have to travel to your plant to find faults quickly and rectify them expertly. With the help of digital glasses, your employees can be guided through the necessary work on site.

This keeps your downtime as short as possible and prevents potentially dangerous workflows before they occur.