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The Schmidberger apprentice passport

Our apprentice passport is an important part of the training - because it records exactly what the apprentice has learned so far or on which construction site he/she has worked. In this way, we always have an up-to-date overview of the status of the training and in which areas there is still a need for learning. We have a regular apprentice jour-fix to monitor the apprentice passport.

In this context, lectures are also held, a teacher from the vocational school gives extra lessons in our workshop, the tools are checked, etc.. Of course, we always have an open ear for any concerns of our junior staff.


We train 3 to 5 apprentices per year

Your chances & opportunities

Group 3

You can take up one of the following two apprenticeships with us at any time:

  • Electrical installation technician (3.5 years)
  • Electrical installation technician with focus on process control and bus technology (4 years)

Exciting challenges await you as an electrical installation technician. You install, assemble, test and maintain electrical installations in buildings, such as lighting systems, fire detection and alarm systems, call, signal and telecommunications systems, as well as grounding systems, lightning protection systems and heat pumps.

With the application of process control and bus technology, you will then become an all-round technician.

Training content

Group 3

Within the scope of this apprenticeship, the following contents are taught:

  • Erection and commissioning of building technology systems as well as electrical machines, devices and installations
  • Maintaining and servicing building technology systems as well as electrical machines, devices and systems
  • Searching for and rectifying faults and malfunctions in building technology systems as well as in electrical machines, devices and systems
  • Installing, commissioning, testing, maintaining and servicing control engineering systems, as well as searching for and rectifying faults and malfunctions in these systems
  • Perform work in compliance with relevant safety regulations, standards, environmental and quality standards.

What are your requirements?

Group 3

You are a committed and motivated person, have completed at least 9th grade or dropped out of high school or HTL?

Technical-logical understanding and diligence are not foreign to you and spatial imagination is also available?

Wonderful, if you now also have manual skills and are physically resilient, then we would be very happy if you contact us!

Our professions are well suited to both men and women - which is why we are particularly pleased to receive applications from qualified women who are interested in this training.
So that we can get to know each other, all potential apprentices undergo aptitude tests in advance.

Contents focus training

Group 3

In the focus on process control and bus technology, the following contents are added:

  • Connecting, commissioning and testing electrical systems for process control and bus technology
  • Assembling and testing distribution, fuse and switching equipment
  • Programming, connecting and networking controllers
  • Application of bus systems (such as energy management, climate control, control and regulation technology)

Parallel to the apprenticeship training, we also enable the acquisition of the vocational baccalaureate and thus the combination of professional experience and higher education.

The responsible vocational school is the

Landesberufsschule 1 in 2000 Stockerau
Brodschildstraße 20
Phone: +43 2 266 621 580
Website: www.lbs-stockerau.at


Group 3

Then why not arrange a trial internship right away or send us your application documents (resume, photo, references):

Schmidberger Elektroinstallationsges.m.b.H.
for the attention of Mrs. Sandra Dürnsteiner
Königstetterstrasse 167, 3430 Tulln